Creative academies

Burghausen enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout Germany as a renowned creative academy location for dance and jazz. Each year, several hundred people attend the courses and events of Burghausen dance workshop and Burghausen Jazz Academy.

Burghausen Dance Centre

Burghausen Dance Centre was opened in 2007. Over the past few years, it has developed a distinguished status throughout the region under the patronage of Burghausen Town Council. Burghausen Dance Centre is the venue for dancers of all age groups, and offers a varied programme of courses for children, young people and adults with highly qualified and well educated trainers and lecturers who are highly skilled at working with adults, beginners and advanced learners as well as children.

Performances such as the one here at the 2017 Valentine's Day Ball in Burghausen are regional highlights at the Burghausen dance workshop. (Photo: Dance workshop)

Jazz Academy and jazz courses at the Centre of Contemporary Music Studies

The Centre of Contemporary Music Studies is housed in the picturesque Mautner Castle in the heart of Burghausen’s old town. Jazz courses of different genres take place here several times a year. Under the leadership of high-calibre music lecturers, the courses offer participants the opportunity to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge, refine techniques, engage in fruitful dialogue with lecturers and the other participants and share the joy and fun of jazz.

Jazz graduates can showcase their skills with public performances in the jazz cellar of Mautner Castle in Burghausen's old town. (Photo: B-Jazz)