Business development

Business development – Tools to strengthen the business location

In Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Burghausen mbH (WiföG), Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (WiBG) and RegioInvest Inn-Salzach GmbH, Burghausen has very well-established companies that allow the Town Council to undertake strategically important investment projects either alone or in the form of collaborations and joint ventures in order to strengthen the business location.

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Burghausen mbH

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Burghausen mbH (WiföG) was founded on 1 September 1997 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burghausen Town Council. Managing Director Anton Steinberger and his team, Sonja Audinger, Monika Greulich and Alexander Audinger, offer advice and support to new businesses located in or wishing to move to Burghausen in all relevant issues concerning the establishment of their businesses.

WiföG mbH serves as a contact partner for:
• Burghausen businesses
• Businesses from Germany and abroad wishing to settle in Burghausen
• Business start-ups

WiföG is owned by Burghausen Town Council represented by First Mayor Florian Schneider.

The Wirtschaftsförderung Burghausen team: (from left to right) Alexander Audinger (project and facility management), Managing Director Anton Steinberger, Monika Greulich (assistant to the secretarial team) and Sonja Audinger (assistant to the managing director). (Photo: Ronson)
WiföG range of services
  • General business and corporate consulting
  • Business management consulting
  • Brokerage of commercial sites and property
  • Construction and planning advice
  • Development and implementation of cooperation projects
  • Funding and financing advice
  • Technology and innovation support
  • Municipal marketing, town centre management
  • Further training programmes for companies
The WiföG Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: First Mayor Florian Schneider


  • Franz Kammhuber (stellv. Vorsitzender)
  • Sabine Bachmeier
  • Norbert Stranzinger
  • Dr. Peter von Zumbusch
  • Dr. Stefan Hölbfer
  • Jürgen Löblein
Business Center Burghausen is home to WiföG and its partner companies WiBG and RegioInvest Inn-Salzach. (Photo: KommExpert)

Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH (WiBG)

Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH (WiBG) was established on 14 July 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burghausen Town Council. The Managing Director is Anton Steinberger, who also runs the business of WiföG. WiBG was established as a business development tool to enable Burghausen Town Council to undertake strategically important investment projects itself in order to strengthen the business location.

WiföG oversees WiBG as a “base” company with a diverse Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board of WiföG discusses the strategic concepts and measures for enhancing the business location of Burghausen, focusing on infrastructure, industry, manual trades, retail, education and sport.

In the last five years, from the pool of strategic ideas of WiföG, substantial investment totalling around €40 million has been made or triggered by WiBG with their respective cooperation partners. Current examples are the development and leasing, carried out in 2017, of the expansion sites at  Burghausen container terminal and the establishment of the operating company of the university of applied science location “Campus Burghausen” in conjunction with Altötting district council in 2016. 

University of applied science location “Campus Burghausen”, a WiBG project milestone: the campus operating company was established in 2016 in conjunction with Altötting district council. (Photo: KommExpert)

Investor company RegioInvest Inn-Salzach GmbH

In order to improve the standard of logistics, since 2005, WiföG Burghausen has been undertaking construction of a public container terminal for combined transport. This project was implemented by a regional consortium of investors consisting of Burghausen Town Council, Altötting district council, VR – meine Raiffeisenbank eG Altötting-Mühldorf, Wacker Chemie AG and Borealis Polymere GmbH founded in 2011 as “RegioInvest Inn-Salzach GmbH”. At the end of October 2014, the terminal commenced operations after a two-year construction period.

Facts & figures

Objectives of RegioInvest Inn-Salzach GmbH:

To create a regional consensus on improving the infrastructure for the chemicals industry and a basis for funding by the EBA (German Federal Railway Authority).

Shareholders and capital contributions:

  • Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft Burghausen mbH (€4,315,000)
  • Altötting district council (€750,000)
  • meine Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG Rosenheim (€585,000)
  • Wacker Chemie AG (€250,000)
  • Borealis Polymere GmbH (€100,000)
  • Share capital: €6 million

Corporate purpose:

Constructing and leasing a container terminal for combined transport in Burghausen. The company also performs a public role in terms of optimising the existing infrastructure.

Managing Director: Anton Steinberger (Degree in Business Administration)

Company headquarters:
Marktler Str. 61, 84489 Burghausen, Germany

2012: RegioInvest representatives at the freshly cleared site of the future Burghausen container terminal for combined transport. (Photo: KommExpert)
The container terminal for combined transport has been in operation since 2014. (Photo: KommExpert)