Facts & figures

Burghausen stands out among traditional medium-sized centres as well as considerably larger towns in Bavaria with its impressive facts and figures. As a thriving business centre in southeast Bavaria with a current population of around 19,490, Burghausen exudes a strong appeal towards neighbouring Austria and the surrounding districts of Upper and Lower Bavaria.

Burghausen is southeast Bavaria’s most successful business and innovation location

Burghausen is southeast Bavaria’s most successful business and innovation location and ranks among the Free State’s wealthiest communities of up to 50,000 inhabitants. The town’s annual GDP is up to approx. €9 billion. It is largely generated with chemical and petrochemical products as well as the economic output of many small, medium-sized and large trading, commercial and industrial enterprises, service providers and suppliers.

Financial strength at a glance
  • €9 billion GDP in Burghausen
  • €1.12 billion budget volume from 2013 to 2021
  • Nine-digit total budgets of the town (e.g. 2021: €105 million)
  • €150 million total assets of the town
  • €80 million reserves (2021)

Substantial purchasing power

With around €900 million in annual staff costs, the Burghausen economy generates net wages amounting to some €500 million (€340 million per year from the approx. 10,000 Wacker employees alone). This benefits not only the town’s inhabitants themselves but also the entire region within a radius of 50 km and more, and is reflected in above average purchasing power and, consequently, a flourishing trade and business community.

Purchasing power at a glance
  • €500 million net wages/year from Burghausen businesses
  • €143 million purchasing power in 2021
  • 2021 purchasing power index: 110.2 (Bavaria: 106.3 – Germany: 100.0)
  • 2021 centrality index: 124.2 (Bavaria: 101.3 – Germany: 100.0)

Low assessment rate compared with German industrial communities

With a current assessment rate of 350 for business tax, Burghausen has one of the lowest assessment rates of all German industrial communities on average (361 points), and is therefore further strengthening its position as a location in terms of the national competition.

Tax benefits at a glance

Current assessment rates in Burghausen:

  • Property tax A: 300.0
  • Property tax B: 300.0
  • Commercial tax: 350.0

 Comparison of commercial tax assessment rates:

  • Altötting administrative district: 329.0
  • Bavaria: 338.4
  • Germany: 361.0