Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (WiBG)

Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (WiBG) is an instrument of the city of Burghausen for the realization of strategically important investment projects in Burghausen as a business location.

Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH (WiBG) was established on 14 July 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burghausen Town Council. Managing Director is Anton Steinberger, who is also running the business of WiföG. WiBG was established as a business development tool to enable Burghausen Town Council to undertake strategically important investment projects itself in order to strengthen the business location.

WiföG oversees WiBG as a “base” company with a diverse Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board of WiföG discusses the strategic concepts and measures for enhancing the business location of Burghausen, focusing on infrastructure, industry, manual trades, retail, education and sport.

In the last five years, from the pool of strategic ideas of WiföG, substantial investment totalling around €100 million has been made or triggered by WiBG with their respective cooperation partners. Current examples are the modernization and redesign of the Salzach Center (residential and business complex) in Burghausen, which began in 2023. Further the development and leasing, carried out in 2017, of the expansion sites at Burghausen container terminal and the establishment of the operating company of the university of applied science location “Campus Burghausen” in conjunction with Altötting district council in 2016. 

Planning view of the future campus technical center on the site of the Salzach Center in Burghausen: The management of the construction project is the Wirtschaftsbeteiligungsgesellschaft (WiBG) GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of the city of Burghausen. The start of construction of the technical center was in 2023, with completion expected in early 2026. (Visualization: Hinterschwepfinger)
In 2017, with the participation of WiBG, the expansion areas at the Burghausen freight traffic center were developed and leased. (Photo: Kerscher)
WiBG project milestone university location "Campus Burghausen": In 2016, the campus operating company was founded together with the district of Altötting. (Photo: KommExpert)