Network location

Burghausen: Highly efficient network location

Burghausen enjoys a reputation as a highly efficient network location comprising production, service providers, suppliers and manual trade enterprises. Since the start of the 20th century, the Burghausen business region has attracted entrepreneurs and developed into one of Germany’s most successful business locations. The network comprising a large number of efficient trade, service and industrial enterprises in Burghausen is a cornerstone of the attractiveness of the location and the efficiency of the Burghausen business region.

Networking both within the production plants and between the individual company sites is a particular feature of the Bavarian chemical triangle. (Photo: OMV)

Chemical production in the material and energy network

With five production sites of globally operating companies, the chemical industry is the most important business factor in Burghausen and the region. The large industrial plants of the individual companies benefit from being closely linked to each other in terms of materials and energy: the sites and companies draw on products, energy and raw materials via a large number of pipelines - the safest and most environmentally friendly means of goods transfer - and are also networked with each other here. This enables optimum use of energy and resources in the region – economically and effectively along the value chain. Around 11,000 employees manufacture over 3,000 different top-quality products for global distribution here.

Chemicals network location:

  • Five production sites of globally operating companies: (Wacker Chemie AG, OMV Deutschland GmbH, Siltronic AG, Borealis Polymere GmbH, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG
  • Close-knit material and energy network
  • Over 3,000 top-quality products for global distribution
With its pipeline-based linking of energy and materials, Burghausen is a focal point of the ChemDelta Bavaria region.

Close-knit network of chemical production, services, trade and commerce

Predominantly medium-sized service companies, suppliers, construction and manual trade enterprises with a total of around 2,800 experienced staff operate in the environs of the large production sites of the chemical and refinery industry. Well-qualified employees in trade and commerce complete the exemplary Burghausen network. Together with the chemical industry, the service providers in Burghausen and its surrounding region form a close-knit network with short distances, closely interwoven business processes and business relationships based on partnership.

Network location for chemicals, services, retail and manual trade:
  • Approx. 18,100 jobs in total
  • Approx. 11,000 employees at chemical and refinery firms
  • Approx. 2,800 employees at industrial service firms
  • 1,484 firms in total
  • 28 industrial firms
  • 396 retail firms
  • 174 manual trade enterprises
  • 886 other firms
  • Nine banks and building societies
  • 120 catering outlets

Working together with manual trade, retail and the region

The manual trade, retail and small commercial enterprise sectors also benefit greatly from the economic importance of Burghausen's industrial and service network. This is reflected by the continuously rising number of companies in Burghausen over many years.

The networking with the large chemical companies also results in close cooperation with Burghausen’s citizens and the entire region, as many examples illustrate. For instance, the communal sewage of the town of Burghausen and the neighbouring Austrian community of Hochburg/Ach is also purified at Wacker Chemie AG. Burghausen’s sports park for SV Wacker and the residential complexes near the plant are supplied with district heating from Wacker Chemie AG.

Is supplied with district heating of the nearby Wacker factory: The sports park with triple gymnasium of SV Wacker in Burghausen.
Development of the number of businesses in Burghausen since 2005.