Employment location & job engine

With around 18,700 jobs, Burghausen is the most significant cross-border employment location in the region within a radius of around 60 km.

Most important cross-border employment location in the region

Of the 18,700 or so employees currently subject to social insurance contributions, around 11,000 are employed in the chemical industry, making it the most important employer of the business location of Burghausen and its surrounding region encompassing a radius of around 60 km. The largely medium-sized service companies, suppliers and construction and manual trade companies employ a total of around 3,000 experienced staff who are supplemented by highly qualified employees in trade and commerce.

The success of the companies through qualified employees is reflected not least in the number of patents registered in the administrative district of Altötting which is double the national average.

Facts & figures


  • 18,700 jobs overall (of which 13,500 commuters)
  • 11,000 employees in manufacturing (chemical production)
  • 3,000 employees in services and manual trade
  • 12,500 employees with completed vocational training
  • 1,750 employees with university or university of applied sciences degree


  • From 16,800 employees (2009) to 18,700 (2022)
  • From 12,800 commuters (2009) to 13,500 (2022)

Job engine of the region:

  • Two-thirds of employees come from the region
  • Commuter catchment area of up to 60 km
  • Areas of origin: administrative districts of Altötting, Mühldorf, Traunstein, Berchtesgadener Land, Rottal-Inn as well as Upper Austria and Salzburg

Burghausen as a ‘job engine’

Of the 18,700 or so employees, 13,500 commute from the surrounding region. To this end, Burghausen acts as a true ‘job engine’ and is the region’s most important work location: from 2009 to 2022 alone, employment figures increased from 16,800 to around 18,700, and the number of commuters rose from approx. 12,800 to around 13,500. Alongside the many employees who commute daily from the immediately surrounding region to their workplaces in Burghausen, a large number of people also commute from neighbouring Upper Austria and Lower Bavaria to Burghausen’s companies.

Internationally operating service companies (selection)

In the economic fields of structural and civil engineering, industrial plants and mechanical engineering, container construction, electrical engineering, heating and refrigeration engineering, pipeline construction, the complete range of IT services and the field of regenerative energies, Burghausen SMEs are hugely successful market operators and another powerful component of the Burghausen “job engine”.