Location plan

Cross-border business centre on the river Salzach

Burghausen is situated in the Inn-Salzach region in the direct vicinity of Austria. The eastern expansion of the EU has placed Burghausen and its region even further into the centre of Europe as an economic location. Around 230,000 people live in the Inn-Salzach region. There are 70,000 jobs in the region, with the business location of Burghausen alone accounting for approx. 18,100 of them.

High-tech, innovation and concentrated economic power converge in Burghausen.

The town on the Salzach is one of Germany's most successful technology and business locations. Its proximity to the cities of Munich, Salzburg, Passau and Linz attracts a high concentration of renowned companies. Following the opening of the container terminal in 2014, Burghausen is also a Central European logistics hub with links to the ports of the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the major Western and Eastern European transport routes. Since 2016, Burghausen has also been a higher-education and science location with “Campus Burghausen” and the Study & Science Center Raitenhaslach”.

Location setting
  • On the river Salzach, bordering on Austria
  • In Altötting administrative district, Upper Bavaria administrative region
  • 110 km east of Munich, 50 km north of Salzburg
  • 80 km southwest of Passau
Location information at a glance
  • Town area: approx. 1,985 ha
  • Agricultural area: 567 ha
  • Residential building area: 210 ha
  • Population: approx. 20,300 (including secondary residence)
  • Administrative region: Upper Bavaria
  • Administrative district: Altötting
  • Districts: Raitenhaslach, Scheuerhof, Marienberg

And this is in an extremely attractive environment where there is much room for nature and an exceptional town with four varied facets:

The old town with its medieval-baroque urban building ensemble.

The new town with its modern architecture for homes, retail space and business parks

The chemical and refinery site with fascinating views of a high-tech industrial architecture

Burghausen castle as a genuine international attraction, at 1,051 metres one of the world's longest castle fortresses