Training and further education

Successful integration with industry, manual trades and services

Educational facilities and training firms for industry, artisan and commercial SMEs and public healthcare providers collaborate closely in a Burghausen network heavily geared towards practical skills – funded and supported by local industry, Burghausen Town Council and Altötting district council.

Burghausen is a key centre of vocational training and further education in the southeast Bavaria region

Around 1,300 young people are trained here in all manner of sectors. Current developments on the labour market are being addressed in a targeted manner with new educational approaches. Burghausen vocational training centre BBiW also provides the opportunity to combine training and a degree after taking secondary-school exams. The BBIW cooperates with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and companies that support dual study.

Burghausen vocational training centre (BBiW)
Facts & figures
  • Around 1,300 trainee places altogether
  • 500 trainees in manual trades, retail and commerce
  • 700 trainees at the BBiW
  • 100 trainee places at the BRK Training College for Paramedics

BBiW: Centre for vocational training

Burghausen vocational training centre (BBiW) is a certified teaching institution for vocational education. In the context of initial vocational training, retraining, advanced training and further education, the BBiW is a recognised service provider for training firms in a wide range of industries. From recruitment of trainees, organisation and delivery of training or individual courses to preparation for the final exam, the BBiW is a reliable partner for training firms.

The BBiW is a public foundation governed by private law. Established in 1969 by Wacker Chemie AG, it is dedicated solely to directly charitable purposes of training, retraining, advanced training and further education of young people and employees.

Burghausen vocational training centre BBiW. (Photo: BBiW)

BRK Training College for Paramedics Burghausen

The Training College for Paramedics of the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) is run by BRK's Altötting district association in Burghausen. Opened in 2015, the educational institution in Burghausen contains seminar rooms and practical training rooms as well as a special simulation room with a full-scale replica of an ambulance. Affordable accommodation is available for students on the adjoining nurses' dormitory.

Burghausen is one of four training college locations of the BRK for paramedics throughout Bavaria. (Photo: KommExpert)