Shop, office and workshop space

The lively new town with its shopping quarter & service centre, the historic old town with its shopping quarter & artisan district, and the mixed-use zone of Lindach business zone all contain a great variety of structures and properties that are ideal for start-ups.

The wide range of shop and office space as well as workshop sites for small manual trade companies or art and handicraft businesses in the town on the Salzach enables newly settling businesses to get off to a successful start in individually customised premises.

Burghausen is also a successful location for catering enterprises and benefits from the high spending power of the population and the annual flow of over 500,000 visitors.

Diverse range of shop and office space. (Photo: Schrammel)
Furthermore, Burghausen is a great location for catering outlets. (Photo: KommExpert)

For your successful start in Burghausen, information, brokerage facilities and comprehensive advice are available from WiföG Burghausen, the municipally-owned BuWoG (Burghauser Wohnbau GmbH) and the many real-estate agents and real-estate specialist departments of the financial institutions based in Burghausen. There are also ongoing up-to-date property offers in the local and regional daily and weekly press.