Investment location

Investment focal point of international magnitude

In order to remain at the top in the future, investments of up to €2 billion are to be made by 2020. With a total outlay of €4.5 billion between 2006 and 2015, Burghausen and its region are an investment focal point on an international scale.

Ongoing and planned investment at the Burghausen business location up to the early 2020s

Up to the early 2020s, private-sector and municipal investment measures at the Burghausen business location will amount to around €2 billion.

Investment activities of Burghausen chemical location

As well as the link to the Western European ethylene supply network via the new “Ethylene Pipeline South" (EPS, €230 million investment, completed 2013) that is important for the entire Bavarian chemical triangle and the chemical location of Burghausen, further major investment projects are also in progress. Investment activities here are focused on the chemical and refinery industry and the associated service companies in Burghausen.

Spending by Burghausen chemical companies on expansion and technical measures totals around €300 million between 2016 and 2019. (Photo: Wacker Chemie AG)

Investment activities of Burghausen business location

The sustained pace of growth is also apparent from impressive investment sums in the expansion of logistics and industrial services, in retail and commerce with the development of the new Burghausen town centre, in housing construction and in the upgrading and enhancement of education facilities: a projected figure of around €200 million is to be spent on private-sector and municipal measures by the start of the 2020s.

Industrial service companies are investing in premises in Burghausen, for example around €8 million on the new headquarters of the Kreutzpointner Group between 2016 and 2018. (Photo: Kreutzpointner)
Investment highlights in Burghausen
  • €800 million on capacity expansion at the Wacker plant up to 2015 (Wacker Chemie AG)
  • €300 million/year in technical expenditure at Wacker/OMV/Borealis
  • €200 million on a new butadiene plant at OMV Deutschland GmbH in 2015
  • €150 million on construction of private and public housing up to 2025
  • €60 million public goods terminal and Greiwing logistics centre at the container terminal from 2013 to 2019
  • €29 million on teaching and laboratory buildings at the technical university Campus Burghausen from 2016 to 2022
  • €18 million on the Raitenhaslach Study & Residence Centre of the Technical University of Munich up to 2016
  • €10 million on the new headquarters of Hinterschwepfinger Bau GmbH up to 2020
  • €5 million on the BRK paramedic school with 200 training places in 2015
  • €5 million on a three-lane extension of the B20 to the A94 junction Marktl-Burghausen in 2016/2017