Our partners

Traditional partners for shared success: The business network aims to continuously enhance the range of business offered with the objective of ensuring the long-term prosperity of businesses based in Burghausen.

Our network with Trade Association, Marketing Ring, WiföG and other institutions

Over 200 businesses are currently organised in the Burghausen Trade Association and the Burghausen Marketing Ring. Joint campaigns for SMEs, retail businesses, manual trade companies, service providers and industrial partners are regularly carried out in close collaboration with WiföG Burghausen.

WiföG initiative: Making the town centre more competitive

Making retail in Burghausen town centre is an ongoing initiative of WiföG. The qualification campaign for Burghausen retailers, started many years ago, is a further milestone in the long-standing successful cooperation between WiföG, the Trade Association and Burghausen Marketing Ring.

Partnership-based cooperation: (from left to right) WiföG Managing Director Anton Steinberger, Marketing Ring CEO Petra Forstpointner and Trade Association CEO Alexander Geith.
The range of services offered by the Burghausen Trade Association and Marketing Ring

Both lobby groups offer a wide range of seminars, information and training programmes:

  • Up-to-date information in the magazine and newsletter
  • Legal advice, wage agreement requests
  • Special training for entrepreneurs
  • Protection against unfair competition
  • Business information
  • Information about public funding
  • Processing funding subsidies with consulting and seminars
  • Training of executive board members

Partners of WiföG Burghausen

Burghausen Town Council


BuWoG Burghauser Wohnbau GmbH


Burghauser Touristik GmbH


Altötting-Mühldorf Manual Trades Association


Burghausen Trade Association



GHG Töging a. Inn GmbH (Start-up centre for manual trades and commerce)


Chamber of Trade and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria


Chamber of Trade for Munich and Upper Bavaria


University of Applied Science - Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences: Campus Burghausen


Burghausen Marketing Ring (Werbering Burghausen)