Burghausen Chemistry Award

Burghausen Chemistry Award – An acknowledgement of chemical and industrial innovation

The importance of the Bavarian chemical triangle is emphasised by the Burghausen Chemistry Award, a special prize awarded by Burghausen Town Council in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. The Burghausen Chemistry Award is presented at regular intervals for outstanding results in the fields of chemistry education, research and teaching. After 2007, 2011 and 2016, the prize was most recently awarded in October 2018.

Burghausen Chemistry Award at DICHEM

The Chemistry Award is presented at an international scientific symposium called DICHEM. The name DICHEM represents the Burghausen “chemical diamond”, which in turn symbolises the importance and added value of the chemical industry in the town on the Salzach. DICHEM is an event hosted by Burghausen Town Council in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich with an international and scientific outlook and paying tribute to chemical and industrial innovation. As the economic centre of the Bavarian chemical triangle, the town of Burghausen aims to use this initiative to convey the importance of chemistry for the town and region to the outside world.

The Burghausen Chemical Diamond symbolises the international nature of the Burghausen Chemistry Award as well as the lasting importance of education, research and teaching in the business location of Burghausen. (Photo: Toni Mack)

Prizewinners at the DICHEM events

Professor Dr. Angela Casini (Cardiff University/UK)

Burghausen honoured laureate Professor Angela Casini from the renowned Cardiff University and a research figure of international repute: her research, which combines ideas from various sub-disciplines of inorganic and medical chemistry, is unusually interdisciplinary, and her scientific successes in the field of organometallic chemistry, medical chemistry and radiopharmaceuticals are unique.

2018 DICHEM information brochure

On 27 October 2018, TUM President Professor Dr. Wolfgang Hermann presented the 2018 "Burghausen Chemistry Award" together with Burghausen's Mayor Hans Steindl to Professor Dr. Ing. Angela Casini. (Photo: Toni Mack)

Prof. Jonathan Veinot und Prof. Jillian Buriak (University of Alberta in Edmonton/Canada)

The science town of Burghausen honoured two figures of outstanding international stature: for breakthroughs in nanotechnological semiconductor surface chemistry (Buriak) and for research into silicon-based multifunctional “hybrid materials” (Veinot).

2016 DICHEM information brochure

2016 award ceremony at the TUM academy centre in Raitenhaslach: Mayor of Burghausen Hans Steindl (right) with prizewinners Professor Jillian Buriak and Professor Jonathan Veinot from the renowned University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. (Photo: KommExpert)

Prof Dr Arne Skerra (TU München) and Director of studies Waltraud Habelitz-Tkotz (Gymnasium Spardorf)

In 2011, the Burghausen Chemistry Award was presented in two fields: Professor Arne Skerra, professor of biological chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, a renowned scientist in the field of biological chemistry was honoured, along with director of studies Waltraud Habelitz-Tkotz, Emil-von-Behring-Gymnasium in Spardorf near Erlangen, for her excellent educational work in the area of grammar-school chemistry teaching.

2011 DICHEM information brochure

Prof. Daniel G. Nocera (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT)

In his research work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Prof Daniel G. Nocera (born 1958) focuses on the use of chemical, light-induced elementary processes for energy generation and storage.

2007 DICHEM information brochure

2007 prizewinner: Prof. Daniel G. Nocera.